Simulation and Control Technologies, Inc. (SCT) is an Upstate New York-based company specializing in control loading and motion platform systems. We have 30+ years experience creating new electric systems as well as refurbishing existing electric and hydraulic systems.

Since it’s inception, SCT has fielded over two thousand control loading channels and hundreds of refurbished hydraulic control loading systems. We have achieved Level D certifications on over one hundred devices.  Since the introduction of our motion product line in 2014 we have successfully updated twenty plus trainers to a Level D qualification. We have a standard product portfolio of actuators, mechanical linkages and software packages along with experience creating custom control loading and motion platform solutions for any training or development environment.

SCT’s electric actuators are designed and manufactured to achieve the highest levels of fidelity, from the legacy 20XX models to our current modular yoke, cyclic stick, side stick and collective assemblies. Our rotary actuators generate enough torque to accommodate heavy transport applications while maximizing dynamic responses for light duty simulators. SCT’s line of linear actuators are ideal for hydraulic retrofits and constrained physical environments.

SCT’s turnkey control loading and base frame assemblies can be designed to fit the needs of any training environment. These customized assemblies typically include control loading, base frame with linkage design, miscellaneous cockpit assemblies, grips, and I/O systems.

SCT also provides an array of low, medium and high payload 6-DOF or special requirement electric motion platforms driven by a motion application-specific line of SCT electric actuators. We also offer motion cabinet replacement for existing hydraulic systems with Ether CAT based real-time digital I/O to replace existing or obsolete hardware. Our design team offers solutions to match your unique requirements and has a wealth of experience in all 6-DOF and specialty needs motion systems.

SCT offers complete software packages for both the control loading and motion platform product lines. These software packages contain unique features with several easy to use calibration and diagnostic utilities. These software packages are available separate from SCT’s hardware portfolio, if reuse of existing hardware is required.

All SCT products are backed by same-day phone or e-mail support, with long-term service and support options available.

All SCT products are designed for incremental updates to support a 20-year life cycle. Since 1990 we have continued to support our customers by offering updates keeping, the bulk of supportable products in place. We will not obsolete entire systems.