Simulation and Control Technologies, Inc. has developed a Motion Cabinet Replacement for existing obsolete or problematic hydraulic Motion Systems. This update provides a seamless, high performance, cost effective solution for the replacement of obsolete electronics with state of the art PC based digital controllers. This solution is intended for simulators that are burdened with a high level of maintenance to meet FAA level C, or D standard. The concept is to eliminate all the analog interface circuitry or obsolete electronics and drive the hydraulic Legs directly from our own EtherCAT based remote I/O board within the new Motion Control Software. The obsolete analog servo or interface electronics are replaced with software running at a 2KHz rate. The update makes for a more maintainable system for both the hardware maintenance staff and for the engineering staff.


  •   Leg Command, Diagnostic Utilities, Geometry models  and Cueing Models
  •   Information Assurance Compliant Real-Time Operating Systems available

Digital Inner and Outer Loops

  •   Insures drift free static and dynamic repeatability
  •   Eliminate the adjustments and realignments typically required with existing analog hardware models and controllers
  •   Provides easy to use tuning and calibration utilities
  •   Provides ample computational capability to ensure superior performance of the hydraulic actuator in achieving any level of certification required

Cost Effectiveness

  •   Extends the life span of all simulators
  •   Minimal mechanical hardware modifications
  •   No need to purchase new expensive motion actuators
  •   All plumbing and actuators remain undisturbed

Minimal Down Time

In-house testing and development: utilizing our in-house motion test plaforms. Non-intrusive on-site installation performed during maintenance periods leaving the simulator available for scheduled training everyday until final test and acceptance.

User Friendly

Seamless approach maintains present simulator hydraulic motion, safety interlocks, and IOS functions while providing extensive diagnostic capabilities